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About Our Company

Ta Gaung Bwar Company was born in one compound of a harmonious experience of being engaged,still stands a concrete construction company. Our Company believe that the use of modern techniques in the field of construction,skill can create to meet the target of customers customized idea. Ta Gaung Bwar Company gives fully services of on the roads, factories, offices, advanced, high-rise apartments, houses, among the condominiums, resort residences, at the end of bumpers, as costomers of dreams has been responsible for implementing the measures. Well-experienced engineers are always stand by to help you what your expectation for your project. Our company is strongly provide the best customers services to figure out the dream buildings of our valued customers. You are warmly invited you to pay a visit our company to meet the developing needs and to create your buildings, offices, houses with the updated and modernized technologies. Our company always give the best qualified things to our valuable customers. We aim to provide the greatest service for our customers' satisfaction and buildings.

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